Welcome to Cannon Cannabis, St. Lucie county’s first state licensed cultivation facility.

Congratulations on your purchase of some of the finest cannabis cultivated here in Florida. We are a 100% seed to sale company that strives for quality over quantity. Every harvest is a small batch of hand crafted indoor hydroponically grown cannabis.  Alongside the use of state of the art equipment and LED lighting, all plants are hand watered and nurtured to the needs of each unique plant. To ensure the upmost quality in cultivation we only the cleanest water. All water is processed through a 5 stage reverse osmosis water treatment system. We use ONLY natural botanical oils in our IPM plan and NEVER use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

We want our customers to be able to sit back and relax so every batch is compliant and thoroughly tested through DEA registered labs.


My name is Granger Cannon and I started this company because I’ve always been on a quest for the highest quality cannabis that I could find. Through the years, I was never satisfied with the inconsistency or the quality of the products the market had to offer. I found that in order to have the best you have to grow the best, and in order to grow the best you must have extensive knowledge and experience in cannabis horticulture. That learning process starting for me in 2007 and in 2016 I graduated in the field of Cannabis Horticulture from Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California.  In May 2020 Cannon Cannabis was founded and we’re making history.

Indoor Ultra Premium Cannabis

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